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COP26 And Carbon Neutrality

As I sit at my desk writing this, world leaders are meeting in Glasgow to discuss ways of limiting the average global temperature rise due to greenhouse gasses to 1.5 degrees.  Even at this level we may expect to see significant changes to the natural world; loss of species, death of coral reefs, parts [...]

By |2021-11-06T20:02:52+11:00November 3rd, 2021|Cloud, Commercial, Technology|0 Comments

Sovereignty and the Cloud

Data residency is not data sovereignty.  Making sure that your data is stored on a server located in Australia is only part of the story. The large public cloud providers are subject t the “Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data” or CLOUD Act.  This came in to effect in 2018 and allows for [...]

By |2021-10-22T09:06:19+11:00June 21st, 2021|Cloud, Commercial, Health and Life Science|0 Comments

The Public Cloud and Repatriation

Cloud repatriation is becoming a trend as more and more organizations around the world move their compute and storage workloads from global public clouds back to on-premise infrastructure or manage private clouds.  What is driving this?  Why are organizations of all sizes withdrawing from the hyperscale public cloud providers and the promised benefits of [...]

By |2021-10-22T09:05:45+11:00May 8th, 2021|Cloud, Commercial, Health and Life Science|0 Comments

Delivering Care in a Digital Age

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept in healthcare and life science. Traditionally, health care providers and research laboratories have use internally managed infrastructure to provide their computing requirements. However, through the last decade health care systems and analytics platforms have been migrated to the cloud technologies. This has enabled care providers to migrate [...]

By |2021-10-22T09:05:20+11:00April 6th, 2021|Cloud, Health and Life Science|0 Comments

BioBeat Chest Patches and COVID-19

The BioBeat Chest Patch or sensor is one of a new generation of wearable physiological monitors that has become available in the last few years. It is a regulated clinical device and Incarta was the first company to register the device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for sales in Australia. What does [...]

By |2021-12-28T18:55:12+11:00March 7th, 2021|Uncategorized|0 Comments

The Cloud and Finance

Major banks, investment houses and insurers are choosing private cloud infrastructure in order to maintain complete access control, physical location security, scalability and deployment speed for critical applications and services. Clouds have arrived Cloud computing is now a standard part of the technology stack that enterprises require in order to [...]

By |2021-10-22T09:03:56+11:00February 6th, 2021|Cloud, Commercial|0 Comments

Faces of Small Business

Incarta was honoured to be profiled as a health innovator by the Victoria State Government under the "Faces of Small Business" awards program.  Incarta received recognition for work in critical care medicine and for developing the innovative "Alarta" platform that has been successfully used to predict the decline of patient status up to 24 [...]

By |2021-10-14T09:42:28+11:00October 14th, 2019|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Building an HL7 MLLP Receiver with Springboot, Camel and HAPI

In this post we are going to outline the code snippets you require to build an HL7 MLLP receiver with Springboot, Camel and HAPI.  The Minimum Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) is a low level TCP protocol that has traditionally been used to transit HL7 messages over networks.  For those not familiar with HL7, the [...]

By |2021-10-22T09:06:57+11:00July 21st, 2019|Development|0 Comments
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