Incarta is a cloud first technology innovator  |  We design, build, deploy and manage cloud based technology

Biobeat chest monitor

Health and Life Sciences

With over 25 years experience in the Health and Life Sciences sector, Incarta has a demonstrated history of innovation in hardware and software development.  Our leading clinical records platform “Alarta” is amongst the most advanced cloud based critical care medical record systems available anywhere.  It is also one of the most cost effective.  Alarta can be deployed within a few hours auto-configuring itself via HL7.

Incarta is excited to have introduced BioBeat wearables to Australia.  One of the most advanced physiological monitoring wearables available in the market, the BioBeat sensor is now fully integrated with Incarta’s HL7 platform providing unprecedented connectivity between a wearable and the electronic medical record.  With rapid remote deployment options, BioBeat sensors can operational across a virtual remote hospital in the home environment or an in-patient ward in less than 24 hours.

Finance and Business Analytics

Incarta deploys, manages and builds business tools and analytics platforms.  From secured cloud storage and backup to designing custom software platforms that help businesses understand and manage their internal processes.  All of our infrastructure is designed with private cloud as a foundation. Of course, should you choose to use Incarta’s private managed cloud your applications and tools can be be deployed on edge servers within your data centre or operate securely from ours.

Our Responsibility

As a technology business we feel responsible for the impact our technology has on users and the environment.

At Incarta, we believe that technology should be a force for good. It should be deployed and managed responsibly and help to build a safe, fair and just world. Overall, technology companies should accept a level of responsibility for the platforms they design and work towards minimizing their environmental impact. The cloud helps to consolidate server resources from multiple businesses into a shared environment. We use power efficient servers and low power storage and thanks to our data centre provider Next DC, we now run on 100% carbon offset power. This means that if your infrastructure is hosted in our data centers, it is 100% carbon offset as well. Think about it, and what it means to yourself and your clients.