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Coala® Heart Monitor is a platform for undertaking ECG investigations, auscultation of the heart and lungs and long-term monitoring of patients at home, in virtual or remote clinics.

This monitor is a regulated medical device and only available for use under physician supervision. 

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ARTG: 339240

Coala heart monitor for ECG held on chest
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The algorithms in the Coala® Heart Monitor automatically detect arrhythmias and facilitate the review process. The device analyzes ECG recordings for irregular rhythms, including Atrial Fibrillation and 8 other arrhythmia. To enhance AF-detection, the device combines irregular rhythm (RR-dispersion) with proprietary P-wave detection in chest and thumb ECG recordings. Clinical staff can annotate ECG recordings and use in-built calipers to measure various intervals in detail. They can also flag specific events for attention, allowing other healthcare professionals to easily find and address abnormal readings. The device includes tools for  filtering ECG readings for a quick overview and for creating summary reports of the patients cardiac health through a set period.

The Coala® Heart Monitor makes it easy for a patient to register an ECG in case of symptoms. The Coala App provides results and feedback from the ECG analysis to the patient and involves them in their investigation. The patient can register the ECG themselves in the Coala App by taking two measurements, one on the chest and one on the thumb, each for 30 seconds. They do not need cords or adhesive electrodes and the app has an intuitive design that guides the patient through the measurements. Smart algorithms analyze the measurements in seconds and screen 9 of the most common arrhythmias via P-wave detection and advanced pattern recognition-based analysis.

Clinical Evidence

More details regarding the clinical evidence for the Coala have been listed in an article here.


User guides and associated documentation is available for download here.

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