Biobeat Blood Pressure Holter

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Ambulatory blood pressure monitor provides 24 hour minute to minute monitoring

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring  (ABPM) is a useful clinical tool for tracking a patient’s cardiac status continuously in real-life outside of a physician’s office.  It can provide a more complete, holistic and unbiased view of patient’s health than either self reporting or intermittent monitoring by clinical professionals.  In a recent study, the Biobeat chest sensor (cuffless) was found to provide comparable data to cuffed based devices.

The device measures diastolic and systolic BP, as well as heart rate, mean arterial pressure, cardiac output, and systemic vascular resistance. Measurements are accessible via the patient’s mobile phone via a designated app, and are also readily available for physicians through an online report-analysis web-application. By utilizing the wide range of vital signs measured by the Biobeat device, the report enables health care providers to gain a profound understanding of the root cause of the issues identified and truly personalize medicine, allowing for more precise prescription and titration of medications and therapies.

Incarta has sample blood pressure holters available for use in general practice.  If you are a general Practitioner and interested wearable technology please get in touch and we would be pleased to forward you an evaluation unit.

This monitor is a regulated medical device and only available for use under physician supervision. 

Documentation here.

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