Goldtrace® FSE

Neoventa Goldtrace® disposable fetal spiral electrodes (FSEs) are designed for internal fetal monitoring. Goldtrace are the only FSE’s validated for use with the Neoventa Stan S41 CTG’s and Philips Medical Fetal monitors (models FM30 and FM50). Designed for ST analysis (only available on STAN S41), Goldtrace® FSE’s are manufactured from materials that minimize electrical noise and maximize signal strength thereby providing the best possible signal quality for both ST analysis and standard CTG fetal ECG recording.

ARTG ID 410214

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Goldtrace® FSE is protected in a sterile, flexible guide tube that retains the spiral electrode tip during during application, thereby protecting the user, mother and baby. The flexibility of the guide makes it possible to reform its shape according to necessary anatomical curvature.

Incarta is the Neoventa distributor for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. For sales, training and support please contact us via email or telephone. 

DECG Leg Plate Adaptor (Philips Avalon)

The Leg Plate Adaptor is used to connect Goldtrace™ FSE to Philips Medical FM30 and FM50 fetal monitors. Goldtrace™ FSE and the Philips Medical Leg Plate Adaptor are the only FSE devices certified for use with Philips Medical monitors.

About Neoventa

Neoventa Medical AB is a Swedish medical device company. Founded in 1997, the company develops innovative fetal monitoring solutions designed to assist obstetrics staff to care for the mother and child during delivery.  Their solutions range across all ares of care from signal detection, monitoring and analysis to training and education.

Neoventa have specific experience in developing systems for analysing the ST segment of the fetal ECG.  Multiple peer review studies have demonstrated that ST analysis as an adjunct to CTG during labour reduces the number of babies born with risk of neurological damage, results in fewer operative deliveries and simultaneously being cost effective.