Biobeat – Smart Monitoring

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The Biobeat monitoring platform measures vital signs in real-time using wireless, non-invasive, medical-grade technology.

This monitor is a regulated medical device and only available for use under physician supervision. 

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ARTG: 338811

Biobeat’s technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning on big-data in order to provide actionable insights on patient care. More than just analysing physioogical data, Biobeat  generates it, using a proprietary sensor that wirelessly and continuous monitors 13 vital signs every 5 seconds in real time. The sensors are capable of collecting millions of data-points per patient per day.

Cloud based ‘smart alerting’ is available from any web platform with customizable thresholds for each vital sign and each patient. Single departmental dashboard with drill down to individual rooms and patients. Real time and historic vital sign charts and data.

Biobeat sensors can also push data directly into Incarta’s HL7 enabled Treo telehealth solution thereby providing seamless workflows between the managing care facility, clinical staff and the patient and patient’s family.

Biobeat monitor
  • Hospital in-patients,
  • Emergency services,
  • Nursing homes and telemedicine,
  • Cardiac rehabilitation,
  • Early discharge monitoring,
  • Sleep lab,
  • Blood pressure holter.

Incarta is the leading distributor of Biobeat sensors in Australia and New Zealand.  We have over four years experience with the sensors across a variety of clinical settings with thousands of patients. We offer 24 * 7 technical support for staff and patients and have an established practice in clinical analytics and reporting.  We are experienced in systems integration and clinical application development.

Incarta is ideally positioned to partner with your organisation to design and implement a remote monitoring service.