BioBeat – Medical Smart Monitoring

The Biobeat monitoring platform measures vital signs in real-time using wireless, non-invasive, medical-grade technology.

Short and Long Term Monitoring.  At Home Medical Services


  • Long lasting and repeated use.  3 day battery life
  • Clinical data easily uploaded to the cloud with Biobeat App
  • Access all clinical data through any web platform
  • Set vital sign thresholds for selected metrics and receive alerts
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  • Disposable, hospital-oriented product
  • Single patient use to avoid disease transmission
  • Separate sticker and sensor capsule for easy removal and replacement
  • Battery life up to 8 days


Disruptive Technology

The core of Biobeat’s technology lies with our proprietary PPG sensor. Developed in-house and patented globally, the sensor is designed in a way which allows it to get an incredibly clear reading of the PPG signal wave, a thing which allows us to measure such a wide range of complex vitals.

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Three Solutions, Maximum Flexibility

  • Short Term Monitoring – Hospitals and Emergency Services

  • Long Term Monitoring – Nursing Homes and Tele-medicine

  • At Home Medical Services – Sleep Lab, Blood Pressure Holter

14 Metrics, 5 second monitoring


Track and monitor sleep parameters and vitals signs to generate a medical sleep report

Patient sleeps in the comfort of their own bed, creating an authentic sleep report.  Each patient receives their own patch, eliminating wait times and unpleasant experiences with a used device.  Patch is easily attached and immediately activated by connecting to the Biobeat app.  Patch is simply discarded at the end of the monitoring period.  A report is automatically generated and sent to the healthcare provider through the Biobeat cloud.

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The Biobeat patch is a medical-grade, wireless replacement to the traditional blood pressure Holter.

The Biobeat wearable and continuous ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) chest-monitoring device can act as a decisive indicator of patient health, tracking patient cardiac data continuously in real-life settings outside of the physician’s office to provide an accurate, holistic and unbiased view of patient health


Intelligent Monitoring

  • Cloud based & ‘Smart Alert’ from any web platform
  • Customizable thresholds for each vital sign & each patient
  • Department dashboard
  • Single screen view of whole department
  • View patient vital sign graphs & historical data