MailVault Archiving and eDiscovery

MailVault is an archiving and eDiscovery application that securely archives all of an organization’s incoming and outgoing emails.  It is compatible with all standard email servers and enables full auditing and eDiscovery.   MailVault also supports viewing and restoration of emails.

Incarta offers MailVault as a fully managed cloud service; No client side installation is required.


Easy to use search engine to find all emails to and from an address, or that contain specific content


MailVault is compatible with all standards-based email servers. It supports MS Exchange, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, Zimbra and many more.


MailVault includes multi-role user privileges. Authorization and accessibility processes are based on the user’s role.


MailVault auto-builds user and business directories from email enabling instant search by email address or organization.


MailVault can be structured with multiple archives effectively separating email stores.  Filters can be used to eliminate unwanted email.

Storage Minimization

MailVault includes intelligent de-duplication functionality to ensure effective use of storage.


  • FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • FRCP – Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

  • HIPAA –Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission
  • SOX –Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Australia Corporations Act s286 and s262A