Asigra Backup and Compliance


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Incarta is an Asigra partner and can offer Asigra as a fully managed service archiving to the Incarta private cloud or can assist organizations to install and self manage Asigra.

Backup has changed. It is no longer possible to secure an organization’s knowledge stores and staff and client services by backing up internal servers to tape. Corporate computing infrastructure is now distributed across a diverse range of technology platforms from internal servers to public and private clouds and incidental desktop computers. Windows, Linux, and OS X based systems have all become corporate knowledge stores. Compliance is now an additional burden with legislation like the GDPR imposing additional requirements on organizations transacting data for European citizens.

Asigra cloud backup  is a full-featured cloud-based backup ecosystem that enables businesses to manage knowledge, backup, and retention across diverse technology platforms whilst maintaining security, compliance management, simplified data management, and accessibility.

Asigra includes support for Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce and everything in between, because they’re way too easy to hack.

Enterprise Data Protection

Protect the information that drives your business in your data centre, in the cloud and on every endpoint device, anywhere.

Cloud SaaS Protection

When it’s your business on their cloud, back them up and know your platforms, apps services and data are safe.

Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, the margin for error is zero. Create a complete plan for fast recovery time objectives (RTO) and cost-effective flexibility.

Ransomware Protection

Stop malware threats from silently targeting your last line of defense: your backup data.

Compliance Management

Securely and efficiently store, manage and wipe sensitive data to meet regulatory requirements.


  • Instant Recovery
  • File-level Restore
  • Multitenancy
  • Content Management