Who We Are

At Incarta, we believe in quality, innovative and accessible health care. We believe that clinical technology should be available to sustain and support the health of all. It should be deployed and managed responsibly and help us to build a safe, fair and just world.

The Incarta Vision Statement

To be a leading medical technology company that transforms lives through innovative, accessible and environmentally sustainable products and services.

The Incarta Mission Statement

Our mission is to distribute and develop medical technology that improves the lives of patients and has a positive impact on the environment. We are dedicated to using sustainable materials and production methods, minimising waste throughout the product life-cycle and to offsetting our carbon footprint. Our goal is to distribute and design technology that is affordable and accessible, and to provide innovative solutions to the most pressing healthcare challenges. We are committed to working closely with healthcare providers and patients to understand their needs, and to deliver products that are safe, effective, and user-friendly.