Clinical Image Capture and Storage (CLICS)

Mobile devices are convenient for capturing clinical images, but the devices themselves offer minimal security. Use of insecure mobile devices raises significant medico-legal concerns

CLICS is a secure image capture app that enables sharing of images between approved clinicians, transparent audit and automatic injection of the image into a patients electronic medical record.

CLICS was one of the products recognised for innovation by the Victorian State Government under their “Faces of Small Business” program.

Download and install the CLICS App from the App Store.

Ask the CLICS administrator for your health facility to create a login for you.

The CLICS server will send you a welcome email with your password (API key).  Set your App PIN and enter your email address and the API Key.

You’re ready to go.  Capture images securely, consult with colleagues and archive to your health services EMR.

How it works

  • CLICS uses a secure imaged database so that your images are not stored on the mobile phone photo reel
  • Images are automatically deleted from the phone after 12 hours
  • Images are transferred to an internal hospital image capture server as soon as they are taken
  • Patient details can be added to an image by scanning the patients medical record or visit number
  • Injection into the EMR is fully automated
  • Images can only be shared between clinicians that the health service has approved to have access