Marcus Young

Marcus Young studied electrical engineering, majoring in analogue and digital design, digital signal processing and biomedical engineering.  He also completed a science degree in computational and applied mathematics and communication systems.  He has published several papers on biomedical engineering and clinical science and has a specific interest in the applications for augmented intelligence in critical care medicine.  Marcus has participated in biomedical engineering, business management and computer science student mentor-ship programs offered by the University of Melbourne, RMIT and Federation Universities.

Marcus commenced his career at the Royal Melbourne Hospital developing technologies for use in cardiac surgery.  These included a real-time visualisation system for mapping the electrical activity on the surface of the heart and a device for fibrillating the heart in order to calibrate implantable defibrillators.  The technology, that formed the basis of mapping system has been cited in over 17 international patients.  After leaving the hospital, Marcus joined Marquette Medical and worked on the development of technology for cardiac monitoring systems.  He then moved to Medtronic as the Manager of Clinical Research for Australia and New Zealand with operational responsibilities for FDA clinical studies in cardiac pacing and implantable defibrillators, before being appointed the E-Business Manager for Asia Pacific.  In 2003, Marcus left Medtronic to join Incarta as the Director of Research and Development.