Nicholas Young

Nicholas Young studied biological science majoring in genetics and then completed a Ph.D. with the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne.  He also has a degree in optometry and ocular therapeutics and is recognized nationally as a leading authority in dry eye disease.  He is a published academic, invited speaker and participates in student mentorship programs with the University of Melbourne.

Nicholas commenced his career with CSL coordinating clinical trials of current and pipeline pharmaceuticals.  After leaving CSL he established and managed several businesses that continue to operate within the clinical, telecommunication, and software development verticals.  In 1997 he launched Incarta as an infrastructure and software development business and ultimately managed several notable projects including the first deployment of enterprise thin client technology into an Australian hospital.  He was actively involved in developing the architecture for the Medicare smart card security framework.  His knowledge was central to the development of Incarta’s cloud EMR, “Alarta”.