Sardina Systems’ OpenStack cloud management platform now empowers Incarta to provide secure and dependable healthcare cloud services. The partnership has already delivered tangible results.

Data security, system stability and return on investment are of critical importance for businesses delivering data services. This is especially true in the health sector where vast amounts of sensitive information are being processed through cloud-deployed applications and services.

Therefore, healthcare cloud deployment models must contemplate the dynamic nature of the current security environment, service stability, management cost, and operational load. To meet the challenges of the dynamic market, Incarta decided to partner with Sardina Systems, an OpenStack cloud management software provider. This partnership marks a new era of cloud privacy and data sovereignty in the healthcare industry.

Facing the Challenge

With over 25 years in business, Incarta has solidified its position as a technology leader in the Australian and New Zealand clinical sectors. The company specializes in developing and deploying innovative clinical solutions for intensive care, cardiology, obstetrics and hospitals in the home. The company heavily relies on cloud services in all of its operations.

Sardina Systems, founded in 2014, has successfully expanded its presence across four continents with a global clientele and partner network. Its flagship product, FishOS, is a cloud platform built on OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ceph. It streamlines and automates OpenStack cloud infrastructure management, liberating businesses from operational complexities, downtimes, and resource inefficiencies.

Recognizing the growing demand for a dependable, innovative, and cost-effective healthcare cloud solution, Incarta integrated FishOS into its operations. This enhances Incarta’s capacity to scale storage, process substantial volumes of data, and provide clinical insights through augmented and predictive intelligence.

Enhancing Critical Care Unit Teams and Patient Outcomes

By leveraging the power of FishOS, Incarta and Sardina Systems developed a secure and flexible cloud platform. As a result, Incarta encountered a significant increase in productivity and reliability of services. Moreover, they experienced a dramatic reduction in time to market. This was particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic where Incarta was able to establish fully monitored respiratory wards in remote hospitals within 24 hours of receiving requests for support.

In support of the clinical deployment model, FishOS enabled rapid deployment, efficient data storage scaling, real-time data analytics, and predictive intelligence insights. Eventually, it transformed the delivery of clinical insights beyond what was imaginable a few years ago.

Addressing Data Security and Sovereignty

The partnership with Sardina Systems also helps Incarta to address the critical requirements of data security and data sovereignty. FishOS implementation fully meets the stringent compliance and privacy requirements for healthcare clouds imposed by Australian authorities.

FishOS, built on a secure network, effectively segregates servers from external access, providing the highest level of privacy and security for sensitive healthcare data. All applications, data storage and analytics systems are securely hosted on infrastructure located in Australia and owned by Incarta.

Partnership for Future

The partnership between Sardina Systems and Incarta presents a breakthrough in building healthcare cloud technology that contributes to a better world.

By combining expertise and resources, Incarta and Sardina Systems now provide innovative solutions that prioritize data privacy, reliability, and security in the healthcare sector. Moreover, by building on FishOS to rapidly deploy, operate, and upgrade the core platform, this collaboration significantly reduced the cost of service delivery and improved accessibility. 

The partnership lays the foundation for future advancements and the development of additional cloud solutions catering to organizations handling sensitive data, necessitating secure storage and reliable, cost-effective cloud infrastructure. The Sardina Systems and Incarta partnership ushers in a new era of cloud services in the Australian healthcare industry, revolutionizing patient care and outcomes.