Goldtrace Fetal Spiral Electrode Training Video

The Neoventa Goldtrace Fetal Spiral Electrode (FSE) is the leading fetal spiral electrode used during delivery to record the fetal ECG. Compatible with Neoventa STAN S41 and Philips Avalon series CTGs, Goldtrace FSE excels in delivering clarity and precision in fetal ECG recordings, enabling critical insights into fetal well being throughout delivery. This training video [...]

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Incarta Partners with Sardina Systems to Deliver Secure and Reliable Healthcare Cloud Services

Sardina Systems' OpenStack cloud management platform now empowers Incarta to provide secure and dependable healthcare cloud services. The partnership has already delivered tangible results. Data security, system stability and return on investment are of critical importance for businesses delivering data services. This is especially true in the health sector where [...]

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Coala Heart Monitor and Stroke Management (TEASE Trial)

Magnusson P, Lyren A, Mattsson G. BMJ Open 2020;10:e037573. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-037573 Link to full publication, open access: 100 patient study on cryptogenic stroke patients using Coala for 28-day monitoring The monitoring detected previously undiagnosed AF in 9% of patients, at a mean of 19.7 days after stroke, proving needs [...]

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Coala Efficacy Studies

The Coala Heart Monitor is a portable ECG monitoring device.  Patients use the device by holding it against their chest for thirty seconds and then between their thumbs for an additional thirty seconds.  The captured ECG's are immediately analysed and the resulting report sent to the patient and to the patient's physician. The Coala [...]

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Coala heart monitor may improve quality of life in females with palpitations (RedHeart study)

Carnlöf P et al. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. March 2021 Link to full publication, open access: Largest study of its kind with 821 patients (women-only) with palpitations Used Coala for 60-day monitoring. Over 200,000 individual ECG strips analyzed. The direct ECG response of the Coala contributed to reduced [...]

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Reference List of BioBeat Publications

We thought it may be useful for researchers, clinicians and those interested in BioBeat and clinical applications for wearables to have access to a list of relevant publications for the BioBeat family of sensors.  The list may not be exhaustive, but hopefully it will be helpful to some of you.  Certainly get in touch [...]

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Delivering Care in a Digital Age

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept in healthcare and life science. Traditionally, health care providers and research laboratories have use internally managed infrastructure to provide their computing requirements. However, through the last decade health care systems and analytics platforms have been migrated to the cloud technologies. This has enabled care providers to migrate [...]

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