Incarta Partners with Sardina Systems to Deliver Secure and Reliable Healthcare Cloud Services

Sardina Systems' OpenStack cloud management platform now empowers Incarta to provide secure and dependable healthcare cloud services. The partnership has already delivered tangible results. Data security, system stability and return on investment are of critical importance for businesses delivering data services. This is especially true in the health sector where [...]

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COP26 And Carbon Neutrality

As I sit at my desk writing this, world leaders are meeting in Glasgow to discuss ways of limiting the average global temperature rise due to greenhouse gasses to 1.5 degrees.  Even at this level we may expect to see significant changes to the natural world; loss of species, death of coral reefs, parts [...]

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The Public Cloud and Repatriation

Cloud repatriation is becoming a trend as more and more organizations around the world move their compute and storage workloads from global public clouds back to on-premise infrastructure or manage private clouds.  What is driving this?  Why are organizations of all sizes withdrawing from the hyperscale public cloud providers and the promised benefits of [...]

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Delivering Care in a Digital Age

Cloud computing is a relatively new concept in healthcare and life science. Traditionally, health care providers and research laboratories have use internally managed infrastructure to provide their computing requirements. However, through the last decade health care systems and analytics platforms have been migrated to the cloud technologies. This has enabled care providers to migrate [...]

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The Cloud and Finance

Major banks, investment houses and insurers are choosing private cloud infrastructure in order to maintain complete access control, physical location security, scalability and deployment speed for critical applications and services. Clouds have arrived Cloud computing is now a standard part of the technology stack that enterprises require in order to [...]

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