Incarta was honoured to be profiled as a health innovator by the Victoria State Government under the “Faces of Small Business” awards program.  Incarta received recognition for work in critical care medicine and for developing the innovative “Alarta” platform that has been successfully used to predict the decline of patient status up to 24 hours prior to the clinical event.  As part of this project software engineers at Incarta extended the Alarta platform to implement a machine learning algorithm that had previously been developed by Austin Health and the University of Melbourne.  The methodology was studied in a randomised interventional trial and shown to be effective in identifying at risk patients.

alarta bedside


Alarta is a suite of software components that can be used to build electronic medical records and predictive analytics platforms.  The software has full HL7 integration and can read admission and pathology data from the health service network dynamically building data sets that represent the hospital health information architecture.  Alarta has extensive electronic charting capabilities including frameworks for building charts for in-patient monitoring and remote wearable monitoring.  Other functions include templates clinical notes, problem tracking, interventions and extensive reporting.


CLICS for “Clinical Image Capture and Storage” was also recognised under the award.  CLICS is a secure image messaging application for iOS.  It provides a fully audited image capture workflow that enables clinicians to securely record, share and review clinical images.  Captured images are automatically injected into the patient electronic medical record and can be also forwarded to image analytics platforms.  CLICS was developed for a rural hospital that had a requirement to be able to share images securely between paramedics managing trauma patients in the field, emergency physicians and surgeons.  Images captured within CLICS are stored encrypted within the application and not available on the device camera roll.  They are automatically deleted after a predefined time (typically 8 hours).

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About Incarta

Incarta is a cloud first technology innovator specialising in designing, building and deploying cloud services for the health, life sciences, geotechnical and finance verticals. Founded in 1996, Incarta is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.